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To learn more about Mike Rippa and his work at Woodland Health and to make a donation please visit www.woodlandshealth.org


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New Season Episodes- Listen Now

Host Maura and Friends Holiday Special: “Let’s RESET” (Rest • Recharge • Reset) with Special Guests Reverend Tosha Jackson, Minister Sharyn Dyer and Monica Miller.

Today's OMG show will be with Maura and a few Friends! Heading into the Christmas holiday and rounding the corner of the "Runaway Rona" Maura thought it was time we unwind with some keepin' it real wisdom,tidbits and insights. We hope our raw and uncut reality will shed light on areas you need to press pause. Tune in Lean in and Listen up as we unpack some good old fashion R & R & R! To learn more about the show, Host Maura, guests and to subscribe visit the OMG Oh! Maura Gale Show Page.

How can people and services reduce risks and costs at the jobsite with Special Guests from Performance Energy Services

Join Todd Nunnally, Dirk Dempster & Sage Babin as they take over A Healthier View, for a special episode to talk about worksite wellness.Every year, employers must strike a fine balance between employee health benefits and the bottom line. Employee wellness programs can be a crucial measure of an employer’s commitment to it’s workforce. However, the ever-increasing cost of providing health benefits — costs have risen more than 10 percent each year for several years — can make this commitment an expensive proposition. Studies show that more than 50 percent of health care costs are the result of individual behavior. Worksite Wellness programs a worksite-based targeted outreach program that focuses on reducing health care costs by encouraging employees to adopt healthier behaviors. To  work with them to integrate the individualized support, to provide  employees with site-specific workplace solutions for improving health.To learn more about the show, hosts, guests and to subscribe visit A Healthier View Podcast Show Page!

"I'm still here and full of HOPE" with Special Guest Nancy Knight-Brown

Today's OMG Oh Maura Gale Radio Show/Podcast is entitled "I'm still here and full of HOPE" this interview will encourage you as well as challenge you to trust God in all things especially when they don't make sense. The story my personal friend Nancy Knight-Brown lived to tell you about is a true testimony of how God is able and how your attitude can be the rallying cry to your recovery. Allow her story to infuse you with HOPE for the holidays! To learn more about the show, Host Maura Gale, guests and to subscribe visit the OMG Oh! Maura Gale Show Page

Education – Motivation – Inspiration to a healthy spirit, mind & body with Hosts Beth and Dr. Scott Clitheroe

The good news is that by using practical lifestyle tips and brain training, you can hack your mind to not only become inspired, but also to improve exercise motivation. In this podcast, Dr Clitheroe and Beth talk about the importance of fitness and ways to stay motivated so that you can not only get yourself out to the door to exercise, but also compete at peak mental efficiency. To learn more about the show, hosts, guests and to subscribe visit A Healthier View Podcast Show Page.

Men on the Frontlines with Special Guest Robert Hotchkin, Founder or Robert Hotchkin Ministries

Robert Hotchkin, a man who made fun of believers for much of his adult life. Then one day, when he was almost 39 years old and chopping wood at his cabin in the Montana mountains, the Lord showed up...and Robert fell madly in love with Jesus. He has since served the Lord as founder of Men on the Frontlines and Robert Hotchkin Ministries. With great passion, he invites men to step into their role in God's kingdom purposes as the champions, heroes, husbands, fathers, brothers, friends, solution-bringers, and difference-makers they are meant to be. His message will stir both men and women listeners with a richer vision for what God wants to do through their lives. To learn more about the show, host Kim Crabill, guests and to subscribe visit the COFFEE with Kim Show Page!

Holiday Special:  Letters from Santa with Special Guest Neil Beller, Author

Enjoy Gabby G with Guest Author Neil Beller as they share some holiday cheer! Let's talk about Joy, Peace and Happiness. To learn more about the show, Host Gabby G, special guests and to subscribe visit the Up2Me Magazine Show Page

"The Anecdote” (Answers in the midst of uncertainty) with Special Guest  Pastor Jerald January
This conversation with Pastor J and Lady Maura will focus on the intangibles, like breathing, and the hope and truth of Gods word. Where we focus our feet will follow. Let’s ensure our compass is facing a future and the Father...especially now.  Join this husband and wife duo for what is sure to be a wonderful, helpful perspective heading into the holidays. To learn more about the show, Host Maura Gale, her guests and to subscribe visit the OMG Oh! Maura Gale Show Page!

Healing through our Emotional & Body Code with Special Guest Stacy Ellie,  RN-BSN, CECP, CBCP

Stacy Ellie is an RN with a passion for holistic health and learning tools to help the body, mind, and spirit do what it was designed to do: Heal itself. She is an Intuitive Energy Healer certified in Emotion Code & Body Code. Her talents and passion lie in mindset change, Law of Attraction, releasing Emotional Baggage and energy blocks to healing. Emotion Code/Body Code is a super quick and effective way to release Trapped Emotions (emotional baggage) and negative energies from the body.  This energy healing technique utilizes muscle testing (applied kinesiology) along with aspects of ancient Chinese medicine and magnetic energy to release these energies from the body.  

The Fibroid Affects with Special Guest Dr. John Lipman

Are you suffering from fibroids?  Learn more about Uterine Fibroid Embolization (UFE) a alternative to major surgery and suffer no more!  Dr. John Lipman is one of the world’s leading experts in the nonsurgical treatment of uterine fibroids. His exemplary training at Georgetown, Harvard, and Yale provided the perfect foundation for his vast experience in Uterine Fibroid Embolization (UFE). He has performed more UFE procedures than any other physician, and patients from around the globe have sought his expertise.  To learn more about the show, Host Kathy Hood, guests and to subscribe visit the Kathy Hood Show page!

Overcoming Addictions with Special Guest Kirstin Leigh, Author, Addiction Recovery Coach & Founder of The Change Your Story Workshop.
Have you ever thought, "I don't even know who I am anymore?" If so, you are not alone. It's easy to lose ourselves in all the ways life can be twisted by loss, failure, loneliness, addictions, and so much more. On our next COFFEE, Kirsten Leigh joins Kim to talk about her battles to not only overcome addictions and feeling lost but to also create a way to help others. To learn more about the show, Host Kim Crabill, Guests and to Subscribe visit the COFFEE with Kim Show Page!

Let's Go Behind the Scenes.... with Special Guests Alexandra Boylan, Madeline Byrne and Miya Horcher, Cast of the Movie "Switch"

You've go to love a movie with cute girls in cute clothes, dealing with real issues in a loving, biblical way...right?  "Switched" is that movie and in this episode we talk with the writer and director, Alexandra Boylan, plus two co-stars, Madeline Byrne and Miya Horcher.  It is going to be so much fun and we can promise you some great "behind the scenes" stories; and we'll get serious too as the women share their encounters with bullying and why making this movie was important to them. To learn more about the show, Host Kim Crabill, guests and to subscribe visit the COFFEE with Kim Show Page!

Harmony- Open Air Conversation with Host Maura Gale

In today's Open Air conversation with host Maura Gale she's giving Harmony a loud speaker. This is sure to get you thinking about some of those mini projects you've been procrastinating about or perhaps spark an opportunity to save some money. She explores the many rooms we've all been walking in and out of lately, as well as the many hats we've been wearing...but one thing is for sure, you CAN have HARMONY in the midst of it all. To learn more about the show, Host Maura Gale, Guests and to Subscribe visit the OMG OH! Maura Gale Home Page!

Rise & Walk with Special Guest Kimberly Dove, District 6 School Board Member, South Fulton, GA.

Join us as Host Kathy welcomes Special Guest Kimberly Dove to the conversation as they talk about how to "Rise and Walk" in your spiritual gifts. Kimberly Dove represents areas in the cities of College Park, East Point, South Fulton, and Union City.  She is a long-time resident of South Fulton and currently resides in the newly-formed City of South Fulton. Initially appointed by the Fulton County School Board to fill the remainder of the District 6 term vacated in May 2017, Ms. Dove was subsequently elected to the position in 2018. The current four-year term for District 6 is set to expire December 31, 2022.  To learn more about the show, Host Kathy, guests and to subscribe visit the Kathy Hood Show Page!

From Researcher to Photographer with Special Guest Catherine Dunlavey

Allie sits down with her lifelong friend, Catherine Dunlavey, where they have a fun and light discussion about why Catherine chose to go to Scotland for college, finding her fiancé and what she is doing now in her career. Sit back, relax and enjoy this light-hearted episode of two old friends talking about life.

ENCORE Broadcast with Special Guests The Gaines Family

Topic: COVID 19 Positive (The Grateful Gaines's story) 

Today we're going to pull back the curtains in the home of the Gaines family. Allow their painstakingly personal story of Dr. Frederick, Jamie and Tiger to teach you a lesson about love, life and leadership. We'll find out how the virus was contracted, what the emotional toll was on the family and why it could have turned out completely different. Find out what their 18 year old son would like others to know and why. Tune in lean in listen up! To learn more about this show, the host, guests and to subscribe visit the OMG Oh! Maura Gale Show Page.

Better Together: Taking Care of our Aging Parents with Special Guest Marc Prescott

A former award winning television reporter  and producer Marc Prescott turned his attention to healthcare more than a decade ago. Marc works mostly now in senior care and calls himself a “life improver”. He assists with case managing, companionship, K9 therapy with his beloved dog Murray and just general peace of mind for families dealing with aging parents. He calls this “the most rewarding, toughest job I’ve ever done!” Marc has clients all over the country and he and Murray currently live in San Diego, CA.  Marc’s contact info is: [email protected] To learn more about the show, Host Beth and Dr. Scott Clitheroe, guests and to subscribe visit A Healthier View Show's Page!

STANDING STRONG Special Guest Jason Jimenez, Pastor, National Speaker & Author

Are you growing weary? It should be no surprise in light of the worldwide pandemic, protests and looting, racial divisions, and election battles. For many of us, fear and loss of hope are gaining ground in our hearts. But it doesn't have to be that way. Jason Jimenez, pastor, national speaker, apologist, and author, wants to help us navigate these tumultuous times as grounded disciples of Christ. On our next "COFFEE with Kim," he brings a message that can equip us to stand strong with a biblical worldview, defend the truth, and win a lost culture for Christ. Join us to have your faith strengthened and your hope renewed. To learn more about the show, Host Kim Crabill, guests and to subscribe visit the COFFEE with Kim Show Page!

Entertainment Re-Imagined Series; A conversation with Special Guest Neil R. Beller, Jr., Author and CEO of Kit and Kaboodle Productions.

Join us as we talk about Neil's early career and how he built his award-winning Baltimore production company, Kit and Kaboodle Productions and how the Pandemic has impacted the Industry and His Business. We will also discuss his innovative ways he learned to re-imagine business for his family and become a healthier, more productive version for himself and his family. To learn more about the show, Host Gabby G, guests and to subscribe visit the Up2Me Magazine Show Page!

"How limits increased HIS Reach" with Special Guest Pastor Jerald January Sr.

For today's conversation Pastor J and Lady Maura will explore the realities of doing ministry differently with the same God. How even when we have limited access to one another we still have full access to the giver of life.  Join us for what is sure to be a rich reminder of what's really important.  To learn more about the show, Host Maura Gale, guests and to subscribe to this show visit the OMG Oh! Maura Gale Show Page!

Welcome to Season 2 of The Kathy Hood Show

"Unlocking Doors of Success  with Special Guest Jasmine Bowles, District 2, Board Member, Clayton County Board of Education.

Welcome to Season 2 of The Kathy Hood Show as we kick-off the season discovering how to unlock doors of success and come out on top on the other side of this pandemic with Special Guest Jasmine Bowles, District 2, Board Member, Clayton County Board of Education. To learn more about the show, host Kathy Hood, guests and to subscribe visit the Kathy Hood Show Page!

Make America GOOD Again with Special Guest Joe Battaglia, Author

Are you troubled by the divisions and anger in our nation? I am! This week's guest on COFFEE with Kim believes that, as a nation, we really need to be good people before we can be great people. In this very timely interview, Joe Battaglia, author of Make America Good Again, shows us what that looks like as he touches on the issues that divide us today - and our response to those issues. I believe you will be amazed at how relevant the teaching and example of Jesus is to our current national climate. To learn more about the show, Host Kim Crabill, guests and to subscribe visit the COFFEE with Kim Show Page!

"Grace to Embrace the Shift" with Special Guest Pastor Jonathan "Jonno" Strickling

We are so excited to have one of our repeat contributors to OMG Oh Maura Gale Radio Show Pastor Jonathan "Jonno" Strickling 

Pastor Jonno is currently working on the formation of GRACE STEPS, A MOVEMENT  GROUP, and today he's here to share some rich insights into "GRACE" as only he can.  Let's explore how God gives us "Grace to Embrace the Shift." I don't know about you, but during these different times, I'm realizing the need to utilize a different set of tools.  Grab you pens, pencils and devices because I know you're going to want to take notes to remember how. To learn more about this show, Host Maura Gale, Guests and to Subscribe visit the OMG OH! Maura Gale Show Page.

Finding My Voice and a Cause:  Raising Awareness about Human Trafficking with Guest Paul Swek 

Human trafficking is a crime that forcefully exploits women, men, and children. According to the United Nations, human trafficking affects every country in the world but it’s not talked about enough. So we’re talking about it. In this episode Paul Swek joins us  to talk more about human trafficking, find support, resources and ways you can take action.  You can find more information and additional ways to help in the fight with human trafficking here:  




A Conversation with Special Guests Jim Ball, Director and Julie Silcott Executive Producer & Actress, Order of Rights Movie

Join us for a up close conversation with Jim Ball and Julie Silcott as they talk about the inspiration behind the story and writing of the script for the film Order of Rights. They will also discuss challenges shooting the film and how changes were made for distribution in spite of a pandemic. To learn more about the film, cast and crew visit http://www.orderofrightsmovie.com  To learn more about this show, Host Gabby G, guests and to Subscribe visit the Up2Me Magazine Show Page!

Mind, Body, Soul with Special Guest Beth Sims

Allie welcomes back “Journeys Unconventional” with Exercise Physiologist and the Co-Host of “A Healthier View”, Beth Sims. Together they chat about the importance of exercising not only the body but the brain and talk about some new techniques that offer stress relief. Enjoy this New Season Opening Episode and Subscribe to the Show!  Visit the Journeys Unconventional Show Page.

Beating the "Quarantine 15" with Faith, Food & Fitness with Special Guest Charlie Jordan Brookins

A friend and favorite of OMG Oh Maura Gale Radio Show is back with tips to help us not only survive our "new norm" but she’s going to help up thrive! Charlie Jordan Brookins will be spoon feeding us nuggets on how to beat the "Quarantine 15" and reduce stress at the same time!  To learn more about this show, the Host, Guests and to Subscribe visit the OMG Oh! Maura Gale Show Page.

Dare to Believe Again with Special Guest Kathleen Hardaway

For many of us, life can seem like one disappointment after another. Relationships that don't work out. Careers that never materialize. Dreams that dissolve. Our next guest on COFFEE with Kim, inspiring author and speaker Kathleen Hardaway, has known deep disappointment...and deep fulfillment. You won't want to miss what she shares from her heart about how we can discover God's dreams for us and His path for seeing those dreams fulfilled. To learn more about this show, show host, guests and to subscribe visit the COFFEE with Kim Show Page.

Welcome to the Season 6 opening episode of the Up2Me Magazine Show with Host Gabby G and Special Guest Antoinette, "Toni" Tynes, Lighting Designer

Topic:  "Entertainment Re-imagined", The Theater; A Conversation with Lighting Designer, Antoinette, "Toni" Tynes.

Tune in as Host Gabby G welcomes Antoinette, "Toni" Tynes to the conversation as they talk about the impacts of the pandemic on the theater industry.  Toni will share her experience and journey to Broadway as a award winning Lighting Designer. To learn more about the show, show Host, Guests and to subscribe visit the Up2Me Magazine Show Page.

Welcome to Season 5 of A Healthier View Podcast with Hosts Beth and Dr. Scott Clitheroe.  Join them in this season opening episode as we explore being "Better Together" this season's theme!

Topic:  Why is digestion important?

Digestion is important because your body needs nutrients from food and drink to work properly and stay healthy. Proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and water are nutrients. Your digestive system breaks nutrients into parts small enough for your body to absorb and use for energy, growth, and cell repair. Join Dr Clitheroe and Beth as they talk about digestive health on today’s show. To learn more about the show, hosts, guests and to subscribe visit A Healthier View's Show Page.

Raising Children with Special Guest Sheila Erwin!
Raising children! What a challenge! Day-to-day scheduling while keeping up with clean clothes and emotional outbursts. It can leave little time or energy for what we really want to be doing--cultivating their hidden talents and helping them cultivate their dreams.
In this first episode of season 4, Shelia Erwin stops by for COFFEE with Kim. Shelia is the author of Raising Up Dreamers. She is also the mom of the Erwin Brothers, the award-winning producers of films such as I Can Only Imagine. Join us on Monday, September 14 at 10:00am ET for Shelia's wisdom and encouragement. Visit the COFFEE with Kim Crabill Show Page to Subscribe and learn more about this show!

 New Season Show Trailers- Listen Now

Welcome to Season 2 of the Kathy Hood Show!  Tune into this trailer to learn what Host Kathy has in store for you!  Conversations to inspire, inform an empower you to Unleash Your Power!  Stay tuned for the season opening episode coming soon!

Welcome to Season 6 of the Up2Me Magazine Show with Host Gabby G!  Tune in now to the trailer to hear what Gabby G has in store for you!  New Season, New Podcast Cover and New Conversations as she explores "The Entertainment Industry Re-imagined."  New Episode on Saturday, 9/19/2020, Hold the Date.  Visit the Up2Me Magazine Show Page and subscribe!

Journeys Unconventional will be back mark your calendar season opener on 9/25/2020 (new date)!  Here is the Trailer for the New Season!  

Thank you for tuning in during the Pilot Series of this Show, it is a hit!

Additional Episodes - Visit Show Pages for More Episodes!

Special Pandemic Series - "God Has Prepared Us, Are You Listening"

The Collective "Voices of Up2Me Radio have come together in one voice to instill "HOPE"  The 2020 Corona Virus Pandemic has touched every human in the world and brought all external (outside of your home) activities to a sudden STOP!  A hard and sudden STOP!   The destructive impact of the pandemic has resulted in millions afflicted with the virus and fighting for their life, mass deaths, mass unemployment, business shut downs, racial unrest and a major economic downturn. Fear and uncertainty is among the masses.  Faith is being tested and many are seeking understanding for the worldly unknowns for basic survival. We are in earthly uncharted waters but not for believers who know the full story. Hope has to be restored in a way like never before in our lifetime. Resources for you:

Depression 24 hr Helpline 1-800-273-8255
National Suicide Prevention 1-800-273-TALK
National Domestic Violence 1-800-799-SAFE
National Sexual Assault 1-800-656-HOPE
National Child Abuse/Help 18004AChild

Podcasts-Streaming Now on Demand

(Visit Show Pages for additional episodes)

NEW Episode Now in Podcast with Special Guest Beth Townsend.

Topic:  LOOK who's having "COFFEE with Kim" - Beth Townsend!

"Even the God-given gift of leadership can't stop many born-leaders from heading full-speed in the wrong direction," says Beth Townsend. She knows and on Monday's COFFEE Beth will share the one simple question that changed her life and how she uses the answer she discovered to help others to live Life on Purpose! To learn more about the Show, Host, Guests and to subscribe visit the COFFEE with Kim Show Page!

ENCORE Tribute in Podcast to the late Dr. Damita Johnson who was a OMG Special Guest in 2017.  

Topic:  Success and Balance are not dirty words (singleness, marriage, business and purpose) 

In this episode of OMG we'll have a candid conversation with Dr. Damita Johnson. If there's one woman I know who adds humor, candor and vocal inflection to whatever she's speaking about, this is her! She's a business woman, a wife and has been in ministry full time for over of 17 years. Find out how to balance your life AND have lasting success in whatever state you find yourself in.

Dr. Damita Johnson was a licensed and ordained minister and the Vice President of God’s Power Community.  Along with her husband, Apostle/Dr. Gene Johnson, they have been in full time ministry for over 17 years. She is the founder of the Women’s Success Empowerment Network and the Women In Ministry Success Empowerment Network, under the umbrella of God’s Power Community. Dr. Damita is a published author in the best seller “Chicken Soup for the African American Woman’s Soul,” ebook entitled “Girl, Don’t be a Fool in your Single State, and the recently released “Girl Don’t be a Fool in Your Married State."

NEW Episode Now in Podcast with Special Guests Nichole "Nicci" Jones and 

Pastor Veronica Booker, graduates of Women University.

Topic:   "Girl, Reserve Your REAL Crown."  

In this season one closing episode Host Kathy welcomes Guests Nichole "Nicci" Jones and Pastor Veronica Booker to the conversation about "Unleashing Your Power".  The ladies discuss their journey in learning about their spiritual gifts from their participation in Women's University. The ladies also share how living in their spiritual gifts has improved their quality of life, their relationships with others and with GOD.  Kathy celebrates finding and the ladies share the power of finding "The Joy In Your Journey " and how to earn the five (5) biblical "Crowns of Life."  A Powerful Conversation to close a powerful first season of shows.  To learn more about this show, Host and guests visit The Kathy Hood Show page and subscribe!

Now in Podcast Streaming on Demand with Special Guest T.C. Stallings, Actor

Topic:  Up Close with T.C. Stallings

Tune in as Host Kim Crabill welcomes T.C. Stallings to the COFFEE conversation!  

Star of the film War Room, and other faith based movies T.C. Stallings shares his story and journey as a former professional athlete who is now fulfilling his calling in film and television.To learn more about this show, Host Kim Crabill and guests visit the COFFEE with Kim Show page and subscribe!

Special Tribute

Re-Broadcast Airing Now on Demand in Podcast in Tribute to the Memory of Dr. C.T. Vivian, Minister, Civil Rights Icon 

Topic:  Fireside Chat with Dr. C.T. Vivian (a conversation about Faith, History, Love & Purpose)

A walk down memory lane with a guest who blessed this network, this show and each of us individually.  

Dr. C.T. Vivian passed away on 7/16/2020 at the age of 95.  We had the honor to be invited to his home for a "Fireside Chat" with this show, the network's first show during our initial kickoff (formerly known as Atlanta Life Radio).  The original episode aired in 2013 with Host Ali and Co-Host Dr. Regina Ward and when we were first starting out; who knew that the words and wisdom Dr. Vivian shared with us yesterday would resonate today.  

NEW Now in Podcast with Special Guest Kim Crabill, Host of COFFEE with Kim Radio Show, Award-Winning Author, TV Host & Founder, Roses and Rainbows Ministries.

Topic: Sending out an S.O.S. for Sister Of the Soul

During today's conversation Maura Gale and Kim Crabill will have an open, honest conversation about their Friendship, Sister-ship and their Courage (What you can learn during a Pandemic). We are sending out an S.O.S. call to allow listeners to hear an example of love between two Sisters Of the Soul. There are a lot of changes taking place and in this current climate of uncertainty and tension it's wonderful to know that God can shine a spotlight on truth and love to lead in such a way that it might just become a beacon for others to follow. 

NEW and Now in Podcast with Special Guests Maura Gale, Host, OMG Oh! Maura Gale Radio Show and Kia Knight, Founder, Savvy Solutions

Topic:  "Behind the Microphone"

Up2Me Radio Show Hosts Kim Crabill and Maura Gale Co-Moderated the 3 part Special Series Pandemic "God Has Prepared Us, Are You Listening?" with all Up2Me Radio Show Hosts as panelist in the round-table discussion. Hear about the things you couldn't see and experience the "highlights" of the 3 part series.  Learn how PANDEMIC came to be and how it was carried out.  You'll be moved by the moment these ladies became sisters-at-heart and intentional about racial restoration.  You will also meet and hear from Kia Knight who will share details about the Up2Me Radio Kickoff of the "Hope" Social Media Campaign and how you can participate!

SPECIAL ENCORE Presentation Airing at 10 am ET with Special Guests Brianna Moody and Allie Walsh

Topic:  The Millennial Mindset (In the Midst of a Pandemic)

The Millennial's are now the largest living adult generation in the United States. They are moving into leadership positions in business, politics, culture, families,  and more just as the Coronavirus is redefining how we function in these arenas. In this episode of  "COFFEE with Kim," two Millennial's - actress and singer Brianna Mooney and New York businesswoman Allie Walsh - join Kim to offer insight into the Millennial mindset in the face of COVID-19. How are they being tested? What questions are they asking? What answers are they hearing? How is their faith being affected? Please join us for this highly relevant conversation.

New Episode now In Podcast- Open Air Conversation!

Topic: Got Garbage? Put it out for pickup.

During today's Open Air where we (you and I) get to steer the conversation. I want to know what are you doing with YOUR GARBAGE? There so much coming at us, we are consuming more and more information and food. We’re spending more time with technology...the TV, computers, tablets and games consoles etc. I want to know what are you doing with all the access, additional stuff, waste (so to speak)? Let’s talk about it and unpack that!  Spring came and went without us pressing pause, to clear away the clutter. For more information about this show, Host Maura, her guests and to subscribe visit the OMG Oh! Maura Gale Show Page!


New Episode in Podcast with Special Guest J. Warner Wallace


What happens when a renowned cold-case homicide detective - familiar to many from his appearances on Dateline, FOX News and Court TV - sets out on an investigative journey to prove there is no God? On the next "COFFEE with Kim," our guest J. Warner Wallace describes his unexpected encounter with the love of Christ that has transformed what he believes and how he lives. Jim is now a highly respected apologist whose books and speaking appearances teach both children and adults how they can use cold-case investigative disciplines to become confident Christian case-makers. Join us for an enlightening conversation! To learn more about this show, the host, guests and to subscribe visit the COFFEE with Kim Show Page.

NEW Episode Now in Podcast - Open Air Conversation

Topic: Open Air - "WE MATTER" (RACE, RIOTS & REASON)
During today's Open Air where we (you and I) get to steer the conversation. I'd like to hear what's on your mind about the not so new Pandemic that's been around for over 400 years. It's the "Race Pandemic." Have you noticed more diversity in the people who are getting involved? Have you witnessed some folks feeling emboldened? I'll share my thoughts on the subject and we'll unpack what's real, what's fake and what we can do to enlighten, educate and encourage healing going forward. To learn more about the show, the host, guests and to subscribe go to the OMG Oh! Maura Gale Show Page.

NEW Episode on Podcast Now Streaming on Demand with Special Guests Todd Nunnally and Traci Haines

Topic:  Why stretching is important

Join Beth, along with special guests Todd Nunnally & Traci Haines, as they talk about how stretching keeps the muscles flexible, strong, and healthy, and we need that flexibility to maintain a range of motion in the joints. Without it, the muscles shorten and become tight. Then, when you call on the muscles for activity, they are weak and unable to extend all the way. That puts you at risk for joint pain, strains, and muscle damage.  For example, sitting in a chair all day results in tight hamstrings in the back of the thigh. That can make it harder to extend your leg or straighten your knee all the way, which inhibits walking. Likewise, when tight muscles are suddenly called on for a strenuous activity that stretches them, such as playing tennis, they may become damaged from suddenly being stretched. Injured muscles may not be strong enough to support the joints, which can lead to joint injury. Visit A Healthier View Show Page to Take A Free Flexibility Test, learn more about the show, hosts, guests and to subscribe. 

NEW Episode Now in Podcast with Special Guest Raquel Hill

Topic: Serve and Do Good!  A Part of the Taking Authority-Unleash Your Power Series

In this episode Host Kathy and Special Guest Raquel talk about Raquel's journey in discovering her spiritual gifts and how they have impacted her life and empowered her to be the best version of who she truly is.

Meet Raquel: Raquel has a passion for community and the experience to back it up. Her entrepreneurial spirit and out of the box thought processes have contributed to her success in a variety of roles in the community and the corporate world. A transplant from New Jersey, Raquel currently calls Atlanta, Georgia home.  Raquel has played key roles in assisting local small businesses and non-profits with change management and developing infrastructure. Her list of accomplishments includes: creating strategy and the branding of several local businesses, successfully managing a grass-roots political campaign, and an event management company all while finding time to teach community-based dance programs. Her proudest moment to date is raising her son, a graduate of Georgetown University, living in Alexandria, who works for a major consulting firm in the DC area.

In Podcast with Special Guest Pastor Jerald January- If you missed the live broadcast tune in on demand for the ENCORE in Podcast!

Topic: The Intersection of The Problem, Protest & Peace

In this episode of the OMG show Open Air conversation Maura and her husband Pastor Jerald January will talk about whats dominating the news cycle, as well as the minds and hearts of not only U.S. citizens, but has now merged into an international movement. We want to focus on the problem, the protests and prayerfully unpack a piece of peace.

NEW Episode Now in Podcast with Guest Co-Hosts Cereatha Owens-Fontanez, CTO Bridal & Prom Boutique, and Sotonia Sloan, CEO, Love Above All Else Foundation

Topic: Celebrating the Class of 2020

Are you the parent of a Class of 2020 graduate? Join Ali and her special guests as we take time to celebrate the accomplishments of our graduating students. Call in at 347-324-5246 and press 1 to come on air to shout out your graduate! #classof2020  To learn more about the show, host, guests and to subscribe visit the There is Life After Layoff Show Page.

NEW Episode Now in Podcast with Special Guests Suzanne Niles and Wendy Little


Many friends pray together, but do you have any friends who pray and FAST together? On the next "COFFEE with Kim," our guests Suzanne Niles and Wendy Little will talk about how they became not just praying friends, but fasting friends. Discover the Bible verse that compelled them to add fasting to their prayer life. Find out what they've learned along the way about themselves, the power of prayer, and, most of all, the faithfulness of God toward those who want to know Him more deeply.

NEW Episode in Podcast with Special Guest Kimberly Thomas Massey, CEO, Claim-Life

Topic:  Unleashing to Impact - The Exhorter 

As a part of the Take Authority - Unleash Your Power show series Host Kathy welcomes special guest Kimberly Thomas Massey to the conversation.  They will talk about the "gifting of spiritual gifts" what they are and how knowing your spiritual gifts can propel you naturally into your life purpose.  Kimberly will share her spiritual gifts and how they have impacted and improved her life for the better. To learn more about the show, host, guests and to subscribe visit the Kathy Hood Show Page.

NEW Episode Now in Podcast with Special Guest John Rusnak, Executive Director, Uncuffed Ministries

Topic:  “An Advocate for Second Chances"

In this episode we welcome John Rusnak to the COFFEE with Kim conversation. A former Wall Street trader, John spent 5 1/2 years in Federal prison for a financial market crime. He saw God at work there in ways he could not have imagined and, upon his release, he resolved to mentor young men who are incarcerated. You will have a new perspective on second chances when you hear John describe what is happening through the efforts of unCUFFED ministries. Get ready for a big dose of hope and a fresh sense of God's power. To learn more about this show, host, guests and to subscribe visit the COFFEE with Kim Show Page.

NEW Episode Now in Podcast - Open Air Conversation

Topic: Dear S.I.R. (Sad Incomprehensible Reality)

After witnessing George Floyd say politely to a police officer “Sir, I can’t breath” and knowing his life was senselessly taken makes me sick to my stomach. He said “SIR” while under attack with an officers knee in his neck. That tells me of his fear, his respect and unfortunately his desperation to just have access to AIR. The month of May is Mental Health Awareness month and the images, the angst and the anger African Americans continue to have etched in our minds due to these kinds of experiences is damaging! To learn more about the show, host and guest visit the OMG Show Page and Subscribe!

NEW Episode starts Streaming on Demand at 10 am ET with Special Guests Mark Queralt, MD and 

Sylvia Deily, DC

Topic:  A Healthy Approach to Back Care

Back pain may be constant or sudden, mild or debilitating. Get the facts on back pain treatments, including medication, exercise, and chiropractic care. Join Beth and Dr. Clitheroe as they discuss back care with Mark Queralt, MD and Sylvia Deily, DC. Visit A Healthier View Show Page to learn more about this show, hosts, guests and to subscribe! 

NEW Episode Now in Podcast with Special Guest  Dr. Mario Jackson, Educator, CEO of Jackson Educational Consulting Group LLC

Topic:  How to Tame Your Brain for Online Learning!
Are you a student who is struggling with how to navigate through the world of online learning? Join Ali and her special guest, Dr. Mario Jackson, CEO of Jackson Educational Consulting Group LLC, as he shares information and tips on How to Tame Your Brain for online learning and make the most of your digital learning experience.  Visit the There is Life After Layoff Show Page to learn more about the show, host, guests and to Subscribe!

ENCORE ON DEMAND with Special Guests The Kendrick Brothers, Writers & Film Producers

Topic:  Discover just what God can do when we are willing to let go of the past and begin fighting for our future with Special Guests The Kendrick Brothers.

The Kendrick Brothers have stories to tell! Alex and Stephen are the writers and producers of last year's faith-based blockbuster movie, Overcomer, as well as War Room, Courageous, Fireproof, Facing the Giants, and Flywheel. Their behind-the-scene stories about these movies are fascinating and funny. But it's the story of their lives that will really grab you. From generations of bad choices came one decision that changed everything. Visit the COFFEE with Kim Show Page to learn more about the show, host, guests and to Subscribe!

ENCORE with Special Guest Co-Host Pastor Jerald January

Topic:  OPEN AIR with Pastor J & Lady Maura

In this Open Air episode and discussion we will talk about "HOPE in the Midst” - we want to offer HOPE to those feeling HOPELESS. We’ll be unpacking tips about how to reset our mind and spirit to what’s really important. We need to FOCUS on our emotional and spiritual well being making sure we are nourishing  them properly. 
Enjoying the Conversation?  Visit the OMG Oh! Maura Gale Show Page to learn more about the show, host, guests and to Subscribe!  


Topic:  Take Authority - Unleash Your Power

In this episode Host Kathy introduces you to one of the spiritual gifts.  Do you ever wonder to yourself  "Who am I", "Why do people react a certain way to me?", " How am I gifted?".  Host Kathy shares her top spiritual gift and how it has impacted her life in this multi series, so get your pad and paper ready! Visit the Kathy Hood Show Page to learn more about the show, host, guests and Subscribe!


NEW Episode with Special Guest Pastor Sammy Lopez, Outreach Coordinator, The Israel Collective

Topic: The Israel Collective Group; A Conversation with Outreach Coordinator, Pastor Sammy Lopez 

In this episode Host Gabby G welcomes Pastor and Inspirational Speaker and Outreach Coordinator, Sammy Lopez of “The Israel Collective Group.”  to the conversation. Gabby G will share her recent trip with the collective as Pastor Sammy Lopez talks about the Mission and Goal Behind the Israel Collective . Learn How American Christians can ask how we can Love the Israeli and Palestinian people in a way that will make God Smile!  Visit the Up2Me Magazine Show Page to learn more about the show, host, guests and Subscribe!

NEW Episode with Special Guest Tamarra Stuppard-Wilson, ESQ., MTAX

Topic:  The Business of Living:  Wills, Taxes and Trusts Oh My!

In this episode Host Jennifer welcomes Tamarra to the conversation as they travel the road to The Business of Living by defining and reviewing the do's and don'ts of wills, taxes and trusts.  In these critical times information is power and individuals need to understand what and how wills, taxes and trusts can work to protect them and their loved ones.  A must listen to episode and please share! Visit the Breaking Barriers Show Page to learn more about the show, host, guests and Subscribe!

NEW Episode in Podcast Streaming Now on Demand!

Topic:  Exercise 101

Maybe you’ve been meaning to start but just haven’t found the right routine … or even the right exercise hack. Perhaps you’re recovering from an injury or haven’t gotten around to it. Whatever your excuse, I’m here to tell you that today is the day to start working out.  That’s because the benefits of exercise are far more than just losing weight or achieving that “bikini body.” Exercise benefits everything from your sleep quality to your energy level, and even your memory. From making you happier to helping you live longer, regular exercise is key to living a healthy, balanced life.  Join Beth & Dr Clitheroe as they talk about the benefits of exercise in today’s show. Visit A Healthier View's Show Page, for after the show notes, to subscribe and be entered into a drawing for a complimentary gift

NEW Episode with Special Guest Jason Earls, Comedian

Topic:  “Behind the Comedy; A Conversation with Comedian Jason Earls” 

Jason Earls is on a mission.  The comedian from Virginia’s Eastern Seaboard doesn’t live to make you laugh; he makes you laugh to help you live.  A husband and the father of six children, Jason’s got a thing or two to say about how to navigate life. His warm personality and impeccable comedic timing has made him a favorite at comedy clubs, churches, businesses, and in front of students and members of the Armed Forces.  Jason is a nontoxic comic: You can trust him to deliver without the offensive turn or twist.  Once voted Seattle’s Favorite Comedian, Jason has also been featured on Focus On The Family’s Date Night Challenge, Trinity Broadcast Network, and the Date Night Comedy Tour.

NEW SHOW PREMIERE with Special Guest Althea DeBarr Johnson, Probate and Estate Planning Attorney

Topic:  "The Business of Living"

What if you or someone you love is hospitalized and can no longer communicate their wishes? What if you pass away with no plan in place for your assets?  As thousands of people lose their battle with the COVID-19 virus during the pandemic, many people are passing away so quickly, it is showing us all just how urgent it is to have an estate plan prepared. Breaking Barriers host Jennifer D. Jiles takes a dive deep into something her guest probate attorney and former judge Althea DeBarr-Johnson calls "the business of living." Whether it is your will, advanced medical director, or life insurance, the business of living is about life and love.

Visit the new Breaking Barriers Podcast Show Page to learn more about the show, the host, guests and subscribe!

NEW Episode with Special Guests YOU for Testimony Tuesday!

Topic:Testimony Tuesday-We are ALL in this together!

How are you doing during these challenging times?  Tune in, call in and join us for a interactive conversation with our special guests-YOU!

NEW Episode with Special Guest Ms. Margaret Garvin, PhD

Topic:  Recognizing Your Voice - Now You Are Retired What's Next?

In this episode Host Belinda welcomes Special Guest Margaret Garvin PhD to the conversation. Tune in to hear how Dr. Garvin has transitioned into retirement and how she wants to continue her journey in service.   Host Belinda welcomes you to her new segment titled " A Sip of Tea with Ms. B" as she educates you on the best hair care methods to maintain healthy hair and styles.  Grab Your Tea and tune in!

Enjoying the Conversations?  We love to hear from you!  

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